The Aesthetic Period (1886 – 1901)

The late Victorian period, also known as the Aesthetic period, lasted from 1885 to 1901 and marked a distinct shift in how women wore jewellery. This period was characterized by the rise of women's agencies in society, as they established their own political organizations and advocated for freedom of thought. Consequently, there was less emphasis on femininity and significantly less jewellery was purchased, with women choosing to wear it only on special occasions rather than casually throughout the day.

Key features of the Aesthetic period included:

  • Themes: The romantic style made a comeback, with soft and natural colours, butterflies, and roses being popular motifs.
  • Materials: Amethysts, emeralds, and opals were commonly used.
  • Popular jewellery items: Small and simple brooches and earrings were popular, while the use of bracelets declined.

During this period, Queen Victoria continued to inspire the wearing of mourning jewellery, as seen in Victorian jewellery & Mourning jewellery.

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